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Inkjet Printing Applications

3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing

GIS technology is well established in 3D printing including binder jetting and polymer jetting.

Materials Deposition

Use GIS technology to jet functional fluids for a wide range of applications including coating, printed electronics and display.


GIS technology for direct-to-shape coating and graphics printing opens new markets, simplifies processes, and reduces costs.


GIS technology delivers the high-speed data capability and image quality control required for labelling, carton board, corrugated and flexible packaging.

Complex Shapes

GIS direct-to-shape software enables coating or decorating of complex shapes for custom, cost-effective and efficient production runs.


GIS technology delivers the high-speed data capability and image quality control required for wallpaper, décor paper and laminate materials.

Product Decoration

GIS technology is well established in container packaging decoration – plastics, glass, metal –  plus promotional and industrial product decoration.


GIS advanced multi-pass and single-pass print modes enhance image quality in direct-to-fabric (DTF) and direct-to-garment (DTG) markets.

Ceramic Tiles

GIS robust drive electronics and variable data software capabilities support the demanding environment for ceramic tile decoration.

Varnish & Embellishment

GIS advanced multi-pass and single-pass print modes Use GIS technology to achieve consistent, high-quality registration of embellishments including high laydown coating and varnish

Security Printing

GIS technology delivers the image quality control and variable data flexibility required for security printing in virtually any sector.

Wide-Format Printing

From printhead optimization and ink system components through to responsive, enabling software, GIS technology supports the application of wide-format graphics on canvas, vinyl, paper, polyester, and textiles.

GIS industrial inkjet solutions for key applications

Atlas® Software Suite

Managing the entire datapath from image to print

Comprehensive Platform

Powerful and configurable machine control

Fully customisable User Interface

Modular and extensible platform

Seamless Customer Experience

Full print integration from design to print

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Drive Electronics

Production-proven in industrial applications

Print System Control

Flexible print datapath solutions

Printhead Control

Exceptional waveform quality

System Integration

Prototype to production

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Expert drive electronics ensure partnership for growth

Product Decoration

“We were approached to provide an automated solution that improved on the existing hand-painted process and delivered a swifter application and route to market. The challenge here was to address the tricky convex and concave print areas and ensure a comprehensive ink coating all round. We investigated several inkjet options and collaborated with GIS and other inkjet industry partners to develop and test a compact jet system for the customer.”

Georg Boedler, CEO, Inkatronic