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Flight Software Suite

Nano Dimension’s new FLIGHT software suite provides a comprehensive first-of-a-kind ability to incorporate ECAD designs into real 3D MCAD designs, as well as intelligent verification, slicing, and job control solutions. FLIGHT enables the 3D design of electrical and mechanical features in 3D space while ensuring that the product designs comply with the printer’s requirements and can then proceed directly to production on the DragonFly IV.

FLIGHT plan 2


Seamless Design to Manufacturing with FLIGHT Software Suite

DragonFly® IV

The multi-material 3D Printer for the fabrication of high-performance eletronic devices (Hi-PEDS®)

DragonFly IV is a fabrication device for Additive Manufactured Electronics that makes shape truly follow function. With its game changing technology, it allows freeform shapes, enabling you to find novel solutions to development challenges, thus enabling new devices and designs. It allows a seamless, one-step manufacturing process from digital design to functional devices.


Frequently Asked

How do I download FLIGHT? How do I use FLIGHT?

FLIGHT is installed post purchase of a DragonFly IV. A user manual is available. Training is provided by Nano Dimension's application engineers.

When is the DragonFly IV available?

You can request a quote for the DragonFly IV as of now.

What makes DragonFly IV simpler to operate?

There are several significant changes and improvements that make the DragonFly IV simpler to operate. Starting with the design phase, using the FLIGHT plan, which enables ECAD/MCAD collaboration to generate electro-mechanical devices, through the FLIGHT check, which enables rule based design verification using the designer ECAD, to the FLIGHT control, which enables the job pre-print preparation in parallel to the printing using an entirely new, simple and intuitive user interface, enabling loading 2D and 3D design for the same print job. The DragonFly software includes several new maintenance and calibrations wizards that simplifies the machine operation and reduces the significantly the maintenance effort.

Is DragonFly IV using AI technology to control the print process?

DragonFly IV is AI-ready. AI technology will be used in future software versions of the DragonFly. Updating to these SW versions is included in the DragonFly IV service contract.

What applications can the DragonFly IV print?

The DragonFly IV can print various types of electro-mechanical devices, with complex geometries, enabled by the 3D printing technology. Example applications are sensors, RF devices, complex devices packaging.

Can you print semi-conductors?

The DragonFly IV can print electro-mechanical devices using the conductive and dielectric materials. Passive components, such as capacitors and coils can be printed and integrated in the printed device. Semi-conductors can't be printed by the DragonFly IV but can be assembled on the printed substrate.

What materials can I use?

The approved inks to be used with the DragonFly IV are the DI 1092 and the CI. These inks were developed to fit the Nano Dimension printer and process and were tested to provide the performance stated in the machine and materials specifications. Nano Dimension can not guarantee the results of printed with other inks. The use of non-approved inks may damage the printer. These damages will not be covered by the service contract. Nano Dimension offers an open research program, which enables the use of other inks, in specific cases per Nano Dimension approval.

Are the materials suitable for soldering? What solder paste do I use?

Yes, they are compatible with hand soldering, solder glue and vapor/ reflow soldering. We recommend a lead free, low temperature solder paste (e.g. Chipquick SMDLTLFP) should be used. Further information is available in the AME soldering application note.