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Nano Dimension is Changing the Way the World Manufactures

Want to see something completely new in additive? 

See Nano Dimension at TCT 3Sixty Stand #E35 for two amazing developments:  the next generation of micro AM and our signature breakthrough:  the multi-material 3D printing of electronic devices.

Precision Micro Additive Manufacturing

The unexplored territory in additive manufacturing is in the realm of micro-AM: plastic parts and assemblies with resolution as small as 1-micron.

As miniaturization of products continues to find competitive advantage, you can easily augment your production capability to include greater precision and smaller details with Nano Dimension’s Fabrica 2.0 printer.

Fabrica 2.0 can generate hundreds of micro-assemblies in a few hours that are production ready, made from a durable ABS-like material. 

Fabrica technology is giving fabricators a quick solution for sub-millimeter details without the time and cost of mold tool development. 

Additively Manufactured Electronics

Nano Dimension’s DragonFly 3D printing system is destined to launch an entire new industry: additively manufactured electronics (AME).

DragonFly IV can print insulating polymer and a conductive metal material at the same time, producing high-performance circuit boards, antennas, coils, and other electronic devices in a single digital process.

DragonFly is made for inventive electronic designers. AME is cutting R&D time in product development by offering limitless iterations and prototypes ready in a single day — rather than weeks of waiting for overseas fabrication. 

The future looks bright: with Nano Dimension’s acquisition of Essemtec robotics for surface-mounting and soldering IC chips and processors, a new intelligent and automated assembly line for electronics is now reality for agile, AI-driven Industry 4.0 infrastructure.

Come check out the unique form factors for electronics that our newest printer, DragonFly IV, can manufacture, including flexible substrates &wearable tech or complex antennas for 5G and IoT communications.

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