Nano Dimension is reinventing electronics design for medical research labs

DragonFly gives medical device designers the new benefits of additively manufactured electronics (AME): 

  • Immediate prototypes
  • Limitless iteration
  • Small-batch production
  • Customizable per-patient solutions

Form factor — AME is a radical new alternative to circuit board fabrication, allowing for connections between embedded components in any 3D direction. The results are totally new form factors, such as electronics printed on flexible, wearable substrates.

Miniaturization – with 75 μm traces and 100 μm spacing and embedded passive components, AME can achieve more condensed and lighter-weight medical electronic devices that make new interventions possible.

Industry 4.0 automation and integration — the newest Nano Dimension developments combines AI-guided additive manufacturing with advanced assembly technologies for the next evolution in automated electronic device production.  This combination:

  • Creates an intelligent and integrated additive manufacturing and assembly process
  • Ushers in a new paradigm in 3D electronic device innovation, aligned with Industry 4.0
  • Implements beneficial environmental practices
  • Enable agile production from 3D ECAD design software directly into functioning devices

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