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Smart, highly flexible SMT Solutions
Naturally Adaptive

A new role for SMT Pick-and-Place solutions in automated, distributed digital fabrication of 3D printed electronics

In November 2021, Nano Dimension merged with ESSEMTEC AG, a leading developer of production equipment for electronic assembly with a core business in adaptable, smart and highly flexible SMT pick-and-place equipment, sophisticated materials dispensers as well as intelligent production materials storage and logistics systems.

While ESSEMTEC’s core product portfolio will continue to be developed, sold and supported, this merger enables the integration of Nano Dimension’s micro-electronic 3D fabrication systems with ESSEMTEC’s in-fabrication process equipment and assembly capabilities to deliver a new class of solutions for electronics production.

Headquartered in Switzerland, ESSEMTEC solutions are used by thousands of customers, across five continents and in a variety of production environments.