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Advanced Materials and Software for Additively Manufactured Electronics

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Material Excellence for Multi-Layer (MLB) PCB

In the fast-paced world of electronics, innovation is the key to staying ahead. That’s why we are excited to introduce INSU200, a cutting-edge dielectric material engineered to elevate your electronics assembly processes to new heights. INSU200 is a game-changer, offering a range of improved properties for AME (additively manufactured electronics).

  • Solder Reflow at 240°C INSU200 is fully compatible with Standard led-free solder pastes.
  • SMT Process Compatibility Multi-Layer AME with INSU200 seamlessly integrates into your manufacturing processes, offering full support for standard Surface Mount Technology (SMT) processes.
  • Reliability Electronic devices can face a multitude of challenges in the field, from drops to mechanical shocks and vibrations. INSU200 has been designed to meet these challenges head-on, offering improved resistance to mechanical shock and vibrations. Its superior drop test performance ensures that your products maintain their integrity even in demanding environments.

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Revolutionizing Electronics Design with FLIGHT HUB: Seamless integration with ECAD and MCAD, allowing 3D Design with IPC-2581

In the ever-evolving landscape of electronics, the launch of FLIGHT HUB marks a groundbreaking moment. This innovative software offers a comprehensive solution for designing electronics enhanced with 3D printed components, such as vias, twisted coils and more ushering in a new era of parametric design and manufacturing optimization.

Here’s how FLIGHT is set to transform the world of electronics:

  • Electronics Enhanced with 3D Printed Components FLIGHT HUB allows you to seamlessly incorporate 3D printed components into your electronics designs. This integration brings a new level of versatility and functionality to your projects, enabling you to create complex, customized designs with ease.
  • Parametric Generation of 3D Components With FLIGHT HUB’s parametric component generator, you have the power to effortlessly create and include 3D components within your eCAD designs. This parametric approach streamlines the design process, allowing you to fine-tune and adapt components to meet your exact requirements.
  • Bridging the Gap Between Design and Manufacturing FLIGHT acts as the bridge that connects the design and manufacturing of AME. It streamlines the transition from the design phase to actual fabrication, ensuring that your designs are easily translated into real-world, functional electronic products.

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