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Join Nano Dimension at Rapid.Tech 3D to explore new opportunities in precision Micro-AM and Additively Manufactured Electronics

At Nano Dimension, we’re changing the scale of products and the scale of production.

Our Fabrica 2.0 printer brings micron-level precision to the smallest of plastic parts, creating new enterprises in miniaturization and custom manufacturing.

Nano Dimension pioneered Additively Manufactured Electronics (AME) with DragonFly, a multi-material 3D printing system able to craft functional circuit boards and electronic devices within hours.

Together, these breakthrough solutions are transforming the industry by removing the old constraints on design and production.

Nano Dimension is changing how the world manufactures by combining unprecedented 3D printing capabilities, the most advanced factory robotics, and the best in neural-network deep learning.

Come take a glimpse of the future at Rapid.Tech 3D.  Come see Nano Dimension at booth stand # 2-612

Featured Presentation: Pioneering the future: Micro Additive Manufacturing

Tuesday, May 17 @ 1:30pm

Presenter: Avi Cohen

What is Micro Additive Manufacturing? Who uses it and will it require special design rules?

3D printing has changed manufacturing, and Micro-AM is propelling this growth.

Now, with new boundaries for parts complexity, details and features – This is where our Next-Generation technology delivers. We are changing the way things are made. If you are a product designer or an engineer, chances are you’ll need to make a custom micro part at some point.

The ever-growing need for precise micro-parts is restricted by current technological limitations. Now, new technologies enable sub-micron accuracy and surface finish combined with a set or precision materials marks a new age in digital mass manufacturing.  So, whether you manufacture molds, inject parts for your customers or develop your own product in-house, getting the perfect part fast is a pivotal step forward.

Meet the Expert

Avi is one of the exceptional 3D Printing Evangelists who has spent over 25 years in the industry, and is recognized as an AM technology leader. At Nano Dimension, he is leading the global sales for Fabrica; bringing a rich understanding of the business environment of customers, partners & channels.

Avi has spearheaded product innovation, driving customer adoption in the 3D Printing and Additive manufacturing domains, since his 1999 tenure at Stratasys where he was leading and paving the healthcare applications, following 5 years as VP at Xjet. He is an industry veteran with over two decades of senior leadership experience, Avi is currently responsible for driving company global sales at Fabrica.