European Microwave Week

Join Nano Dimension at European Microwave Week September 19-21 (Booth #567C) to explore new opportunities in additive manufacturing and Additively Manufactured Electronics (AME).

At Nano Dimension, we’re changing the way the world manufactures.

Nano Dimension pioneered Additively Manufactured Electronics (AME) with DragonFly, a multi-material 3D printing system able to craft functional circuit boards and electronic devices within hours.

Nano Dimension’s one-of-kind 3D electronics printing capability is made possible by inkjet deposition of both metal and polymer materials simultaneously.

Our Admaflex technology — featured in our Admatec system — has proven to be ideal for 24/7 digital serial production of functional metal and ceramic parts (including for precision investment casting) of complex geometries that require the highest resolution, finest details, and smoothest surfaces while benefitting from excellent material properties.

Together, these breakthrough solutions are transforming the industry by removing the old constraints on design and production.

We plan to have a DragonFly IV and experts steeped in knowledge of our amazing AM machines at the show. The best way to ensure we have time to speak is by scheduling a time via the adjacent form. See you soon!