Nano Dimension is reinventing manufacturing

Nano Dimension is pleased to be part of ElectroneX this year.

To many this will be a first introduction to Additively Manufactured Electronics (AME) – the ability to 3D-print high-performance circuit boards. Our pioneering technology allows designers to build radically new shapes and configurations of electronic devices.

Our newest AME printer, DragonFly IV, gives electronics engineers immediate access to 3D prototypes and the capability for small batch production. Come see a demonstration at Booth B6.

As additive PCB outputs grow in yield, we foresee AME will become an alternative and more advantageous method of production. As we develop the technology we are aiming to deliver all-digital prototyping and production, with significant reduction in toxic waste usually generated by PCB production, and aligned with the goals of Industry 4.0.

Find out how this new tech is shortening R&D development schedules and sparking innovation.

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