Jan 6, 2019

Admaflex 130 Software Update

3D Printing With The Admaflex 130 Is Now More Flexible Than Before!

Jan 6, 2019

Admaflex Software Update
The newly released software update allows your Admaflex 130 to handle multiple parts, with unique parameter sets, in one print job.

New features enable the user to change led power, pixel value and exposure time between different areas within the same layer. Where you previously were only able to change these parameters between layers, you are now able to set multiple different settings within a single layer.

For an adept Admaflex user this will be a major advantage!

This not only speeds up research or experiments but also adds a lot more options and flexibility in production print jobs. For instance: when printing geometries that combine big and small features it can be useful to expose the smaller features slightly longer.

With the new multi-part printing feature you can load in your geometry that you have divided into multiple parts, and control the settings for each part individually. Thereby allowing you to control the parameters for the smaller features separate from the rest of the geometry.

This new feature also comes with an updated file format, your printer will now output files in a “SLC.zip” file extension. This format contains the geometry files and a file that specifies the printing parameters. The file can be opened with Windows Explorer and you will be able to read and edit all printing parameters on your desktop.

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