Feb 20, 2020

On Demand 3D Printing Of Ceramics With Admaflex Is Expanding

Enabling Customers with 3D Printed Ceramics for Various High-tech Industries

Admaflex 3D Printed Ceramic Parts
Admaflex 3D Printed Ceramic Parts

Nano Dimension is proud to share that more service bureaus are using the Admaflex Technology for the production of 3D printed ceramics, from single piece to upscaled batches. Customers can receive 3D printed ceramic parts on demand for various high-tech industries.

Shanghai MeiPai Industrial Co., Ltd., A&P Instrument Co., Ltd., Hilgenberg-Ceramics, and Formatec are some of the service bureaus capable of creating technical ceramic components for customers who don’t have the desire to perform in-house printing. This marks the start of a large network of service bureaus with a global reach.

“Innovative approach for 3D printing of ceramics, meant not only for academia but also for the production of small series. It performs well on mid-size series for small parts too. Cost-effectiveness makes the process suitable for more applications leading to upscaling of the process as a whole, which will have a further positive impact on costs.” — Alex Hilgenberg, CEO at Hilgenberg-Ceramics

Admaflex Touch Screen
Admaflex Touch Screen

Since the development of the Admaflex Technology for AM, technical ceramics have been produced to serve customers with functional parts with critical specifications. With the capability to upscale without tooling, and the flexibility to change size, material and geometry, the Admaflex 3D printers enable the production of one piece up to large scale batches.

“We are helping companies in the development of electrical ceramic components, medical instrument prototypes, and provide support MIM companies in understanding the benefits of the technology. We also assist in scientific research, recently on the development of 3D printing ceramic phosphor applying the Admaflex Technology”— Li Hongshu Lee, owner of Shanghai MeiPai Industrial Co., Ltd.

“Now that the 3D printing market is still growing, customers may not fully understand the cooperation between 3D technology and traditional industrial processes. Therefore, we invite the industry to our company to understand the production process to assist the deficiencies of traditional industrial processes to achieve a win-win effect” — Tom Chan, Senior Sales & Marketing Manager at A&P Instrument Co., Ltd.

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