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3D Printed Electronics Enables Agile Development for the Telecommunications Industry

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As the telecommunications industry undergoes a massive foray into wireless, IoT and connected solutions, manufacturers seeking a competitive edge now require ever more agile prototyping processes to develop new innovative products. With in-house 3D printing of electronics, it is possible to iterate more often and more rapidly, thus increasing the pace of R&D and allowing manufacturers to
 dial into the latest trends in product innovation and Industry 4.0.

With Nano Dimension's DragonFly™ System, telecommunication product designers can 3D print embedded circuits, antennas, sensors and customized non-planar functional electronic components to make devices run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. With it's ability to simultaneously 3D print both dielectric polymer and conductive metal traces, the DragonFly  System can be used to develop components that cannot be produced in any other way, thus reshaping the way electronics are made in the telecommunications industry today.

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