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Michael Zimmerman - GM

Michael Zimmerman

Mr. Michael Zimmerman brings more than 20 years of experience in building ML/AI/Data Science platforms, compute and storage infrastructure. Mr. Zimmerman served as CEO and VP products in four start-ups which were acquired by industry leaders (AWS, VMware, Mellanox/NVIDIA). Recently, he was the CEO of Bitfusion, the elastic ML/AI platform which was acquired by VMware on Aug-2019. Previously Michael was the Networking and Compute GM/VP at Marvell, leading the growth to a $600M+ P/L. Before Marvell, Mr. Zimmerman was an executive for private companies considered as industry leaders such as Annapurna Labs, who develops high-performance distributed storage (acquired by AWS), and Tilera, the MIT-based mass-compute company, which was acquired by Mellanox (now NVIDIA).

Mr. Zimmerman graduated from Stanford Executive Program, holds an MS in Computer Science from NSU, an MBA from Tel Aviv University and a BScEE (Summa Cum Laude), Tel Aviv University.