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Training Videos

How are PCBs printed?

The DragonFly2020 prints in these five steps:

  • Printing the bottom solder mask and pads
  • Printing a sinter conductive layer
  • Printing and curing a dielectric layer
  • Repeating steps 1 to 3 until the circuit board is complete
  • Printing the top solder mask and pads

The result is a high-quality printed circuit board that is ready for component placement and soldering straight off the printer.

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The DragonFly 2020 Pro Early Access?

  • Print high resolution trace and space with the precise inkjet deposition system
  • Construct the full range of multilayer PCB features- including interconnections such as buried vias and plated through holes
  • Keep sensitive and proprietary design information in-house while developing
  • Enjoy the quick production of professional multilayer PCB prototypes, antennas, experimental electronic circuits and more

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