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PHYTEC Testimonial

"We were so impressed with Nano Dimension’s 3D printers that we quickly moved to make them central to our entire digital infrastructure.”

- Bodo Huber CEO of PHYTEC

Space Florida, Harris Corporation

“Such development is planned to lead to cost reductions of $400k per small satellite, thus providing enormous market capabilities for both entities.”

- Space Florida, Harris Corporation collaboration with Nano Dimension to develop next generation 3D printed electronic systems

Safran Tech

“There is a lot of enthusiasm around the DragonFly 2020 Pro 3D Printer in terms of technological breakthrough and how it can radically change development processes. Our objective is to use the system to simplify workflows and design increasingly complex parts – which will include PCBs and embedded circuits – with many more functions than are possible with traditional techniques.”

- Oliver Vancauwenberghe, Sensor Research Manager at Safran Tech