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Training Tomorrow’s Workforce

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Until now, 3D printing has enabled academics and university researchers to display their findings, and advance their field of study, using true-to-life 3D models — without being able to 3D print electronic circuitry, the heartbeat of all devices. Now for the first time, with Nano Dimension's DragonFly™ Pro System for the Precision Additive Manufacturing of Printed Electronics, researchers are finding new freedom to produce fully functional 3D printed electronic circuitry and non-planar functional parts, in-house, to explore research that enable free-form printing of metals and dielectric polymers.

Nano Dimension works with academic institutions across the globe to train tomorrow’s workforce in electronic additive manufacturing and to empower innovation for real-world applications. Whether in the classroom or in the innovation lab, mechatronics can provide tomorrows engineers and researchers with the tools to develop 3D circuitry and antennas without the straight-jacket of traditional manufacturing processes, allowing them to develop the electronics of the future. 

Find out how to leverage 3D printed electronics for your institution.

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