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Dr. Joseph Kaplun - CTO Materials & VP of R&D and Product Development

Dr. Joseph Kaplun

Until September 2020 Dr. Kaplun was the CTO and co-founder of Phononics Technologies Ltd., a partnership between the ELTA/Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and ICDAT (Israeli Center of Advance Diamond Technology). Prior to that, Dr. Kaplun has spent 25 years with the IAI as the CTO, co-founder and Acting General Manager of Gal-El, unique GaAs, GaN, InP and MEMS devices and MMICs FAB. It is a partnership between the ELTA/IAI and the Weapon Development Authority (RAFAEL) in Israel. Dr. Kaplun was responsible for technology development, production’s process failure analysis and yield improvements, maintenance and engineering supports, as well as serving as VP of Engineering, Engineering Manager, Chief Technologist, Head of Thin Films Department and Thin & Thick Films Engineer.