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Distinguished US Visitors from the US Department of Defense Learn about 3D Printing Electronics


Distinguished US Visitors from the US Department of Defense Learn about 3D Printing Electronics


Nano Dimension had the honor to host Mr. Frank Kendall Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics at our offices in Ness Ziona yesterday to learn about 3D printed electronics and how it is transforming the design and manufacturing of electronics – from rapid prototyping of PCBs to small batch production and completely new geometries.


During his visit, the Under Secretary of Defense toured Nano Dimension’s production site for the DragonFly 2020 3D Printer. The tour also included the company’s functional nanomaterials lab which makes advanced silver nanoparticle conductive inks and unique dielectric inks. Thank you for your visit to Nano Dimension, Mr. Kendall.


Frank Kendall watching the DragonFly 2020 3D Printer


About Frank Kendall 

Mr. Frank Kendall is responsible to the Secretary of Defense for all matters pertaining to acquisition; research and engineering; developmental testing. He is the leader of the Department of Defense’s efforts to increase the Department’s buying power and improve the performance of the defense acquisition enterprise. Kendall has over 40 years of experience in engineering, management, defense acquisition, and national security affairs in private industry, government, and the military.  He has been a consultant to defense industry firms, non-profit research organizations, and the Department of Defense in the areas of strategic planning, engineering management, and technology assessment.  


Frank Kendall with Amit Dror

Nano Dimension

Nano Dimension

July 26, 2016

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