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Secure In-House 3D Printing with Lower Costs

Solutions for Additive Manufacturing of Electronics

Find out how the DragonFly™ LDM System for Precision Additive Manufacturing of Printed Electronics works and how it enables success in product design, prototyping and low-volume flexible production.


The DragonFly LDM System transforms electronics development by enabling companies to reinvent their development processes as well as their products. It also supports customized, low volume manufacturing in an in-house, IP-secure environment.


With the DragonFly LDM System's ability to simultaneously 3D print dielectric polymer and conductive metal, a wide range of functional electronics such as sensors, antennas, MIDs, PCBs and other innovative circuitry can be produced.


The DragonFly LDM System enables virtually limitless design flexibility for a wide range of R&D, prototyping and custom manufacturing projects in industries spanning consumer electronics, medical devices, defense, aerospace, automotive, IoT and telecommunications.

Additive Manufacturing Key to Addressing Bottlenecks in Electronics Development

Transforming concepts into market-ready products is a major challenge in the highly competitive electronics industry, where product complexity is continuously increasing with the trend towards smaller and thinner devices with higher functionality. Although globalization has allowed for outsourcing of electronics production, the risk of IP theft along with time and cost penalties makes it an unfavorable choice.

On the other hand, equipment operators are finding it increasingly unfeasible to maintain a large inventory of complex parts for maintenance, even as it remains the only option to improve system reliability in a traditional manufacturing environment.

With the introduction of additive manufacturing to the electronics world, the above problems can finally become history. Find out more about how additive manufacturing is beneficial for the electronics industry via our free White Paper below. 

Download AM White Paper


High performance materials for PCB production

& Efficient

Get prototypes on hand within hours, not weeks


Creativity not stifled by complexity or layer count

& Secure

Not outsourcing means lower costs; no IP security risks