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Opening Doors to Innovation Across Industries

Nano Dimension’s solutions transform how electronic devices are designed and manufactured across a broad range of industries. There is a world of opportunities for those who see the potential of advanced custom manufacturing or depend on PCB and electronic prototypes to fuel innovation.

For example, the typical two-week turnaround for a 10-layer PCB often leads to more conservative designs because mistakes are costly and time consuming. With 3D printed electronics annulling most of these concerns, engineers can dare to be more innovative in their designs and workflows, thereby opening the doors towards groundbreaking breakthroughs. An embedded electronic component within a circuit board? A functional coil or miniaturized module printed in just a few hours?

Explore how Nano Dimension’s DragonFly™ System can speed time to market, cut costs, improve designs and enable applications never before possible.    


The virtually limitless design flexibility afforded by the DragonFly System allows its application in multiple industries, from aerospace and defense to consumer electronics and IoT.


The ability to rapidly prototype designs in-house with the DragonFly System, coupled with the new design possibilities it offers with simultaneous 3D printing of dielectric and conductive ink, makes it a perfect platform for R&D purposes.

printing services

Need to see for yourself what the DragonFly System can offer? Contact us to receive test coupons, or send your designs directly to us for printing.


High performance materials for PCB production

& Efficient

Get prototypes on hand within hours, not weeks


Creativity not stifled by complexity or layer count

& Secure

Not outsourcing means lower costs; no IP security risks