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Seamless Product Design Integration of 3D Printed Non-Planar Electronics 

3D Printed Circuit Board (PCB) for Rapid Prototyping3D printed electronics imposes no planar design limitations, making it ideal for the development of compact designs with higher functional density. This opens up new possibilities for rapid prototyping of unique parts such as electrically functional brackets that combine structural and electrical performance.Non-planar signal traces  can form complex geometric forms such as special antenna designs embedding of electrical components or new approaches to packaging, all in a matter of hours -- not weeks that traditional MID manufacturing requires.

The ability to 3D print conformal, non-planar electronics enables the combination of intricate circuitry, shapes and complex structures. It can also be used to create embedded electronics or print very thin layers of insulating material. Providing the tools to capitalize on device customization, 3D printed electronics enables on-tap customization for new electronics designs and applications — with the potential to change the economics of customized complex circuitry. along with demonstrable advantages such as made-to-measure mechanical properties and thinner, lighter, better functioning or more compact parts.

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