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New Capabilities with 3D Printed MIDs

3D Printed Circuit Board (PCB) for Rapid Prototyping 3D printed electronics leverage the unique ability to combine conductive and dielectric materials in one print, enabling time and cost savings for functional 3D printed molded interconnected devices (MIDs), including multi-layered MIDs. This allows for  reducing dimensions or weight of shaped electronics. With the DragonFly Pro, the MID-creation process can be done on the fly, in one print job, maintaining industry standard line and pitch. Without the need for time-consuming outsourced processes , this leads to significant cost savings in prototyping and reduced development time.

Beyond introducing agile development processes, device functionality can be enhanced and conductive traces can be embedded inside the part itself, not only on the surface. Enabling more compact designs and new possibilities, 3D printed MIDs can offer a higher degree of design flexibility and improved reliability. Sidestep the need to create MIDs using injection molding and plating and start saving time and money.

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