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New Capabilities with 3D Printed MIDs

MIDsMolded Interconnect Devices (MIDs) integrate mechanical and electronic functions in a single component to optimize and miniaturize design, as well as improve function, performance, and reliability of connected products. 

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With the ability to simultaneously 3D print dielectric polymer and conductive nano-particle silver ink with Nano Dimension's DragonFly™ System, not only is production time kept low, but conductive traces can now be printed within the insulating materials, instead of being on the surfaces of the structures. This affords designers much greater freedom to experiment with new forms, while taking the advantages of using MIDs one step further in terms of adding functionality, reducing weight, streamlining product structure and improving reliability.

Furthermore, with the ability to rapidly prototype MIDs in-house and in an IP-safe environment, the risk, time and cost penalties of outsourcing production are no longer concerns designers need to worry about. 

Contact us now to sidestep the need to create MIDs using injection molding and plating for significantly higher ROIs.

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