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3D Printed Embedded Electronics Improves Device Performance

embedded-buttonTo meet the demand for product miniaturization and increased functionality, designers are increasingly using components such as resistors, capacitors, sensors, LEDs and other functional electronics. This drastically increases the demand for real-estate on printed circuit board (PCB) surfaces and creates a performance ceiling dictated by space available - but not if these components can be embedded within the PCBs themselves.

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3D printed electronics opens the door to a world of new component embedding capabilities. With the ability to embed signal traces and both active and passive components inside 3D parts, designers can produce prototypes with embedded sensors, antennas, complex geometries and more for simultaneous validation of form and functionality. Furthermore, 3D printing offers solutions that can enhance device performance by eliminating extra space and non-streamlined designs, thereby reducing weight, size and susceptibility to vibration or humidity. 

Contact us to find out more about how Nano Dimension's award-winning DragonFly™ System for Precision Additive Manufacturing of Printed Electronics is best suited for your embedded components prototyping needs. 

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IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ CAREFULLY - This ability of the DragonFly 3D Printer, and the feature presented in this page is shown here for demonstration purposes only.

Caution! This feature is still in development and is not released with the product. Any attempt to reproduce or imitate the feature is made at your own risk and may result in injury to the operator and/or damage to the printer. You are strongly encouraged not to reproduce the feature or perform similar actions.

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